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Enabled by Technology

Technology and innovation are the roots of CONDO’s business. We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest advances in software technology, cloud computing, machine learning and process automation.


Alternative data as basis for smart decisions

Starting from micro-level economic- and sociodemographic analyses ranging to quality of life factors around healthcare, education, entertainment and urban development, CONDO’s investment decisions are based on comprehensive location intelligence derived from a vast portfolio of alternative data sources.


Machine learning for return-optimized investment strategies

Built on large datasets of historic real-estate transactions, CONDO’s machine-learning models have been trained to identify the most attractive assets with significant potential for value enhancement.

By continuously performing complex simulations over a multi-dimensional feature space, CONDO’s algorithms define value-maximising strategies for the different portfolios.


Process automation

With real-estate being historically among the least digitalized industries, Condo designed its processes from scratch to achieve an unprecedented level of automation, scalability and efficiency. We develop proprietary software which we constantly improve to stay at the forefront of innovation.



Our technology follows leading principles of modern software craftsmanship. Designed as microservice architecture with cloud-native applications, CONDO achieves agility and speed while ensuring scalability and security.